Our unique farm table is a solution for the entrepeneur on the move. The membership gives you the flexibility needed to drop in and work as you see convenient.
Our workstation option allows tenants to leave their equipment behind. Perfect for anyone looking to have an office away from home as well as be in an open, collaborative environment.
Our closed door office solutions lend themselves to companies that need a higher level of privacy. Perfect size for 1-3 employees.
Our conference room offers a 58 inch TV to monitor your presentations on, seating for up to a dozen comfortably, and noise baffling for privacy. Book online from anywhere to make sure you have your time reserved.
Our kitchenette is perfect for taking a break, grabbing a bite, or having a drink during one of our What's On Tap Thursday co working events.
Finally we offer a waiting area for clients to watch TV, relax, or just get away from the computer.