A Bit of Bite

Today marks the final day of our current exhibition, A Bit of Bite. The images included in this collection are dedicated to celebrating the concept of food and all its significances through the marvelous medium of printmaking.

We wish to extend our gratitude to our guest curator, Kyla Strid, the Director of Residencies and Adult Education at the Lawrence Arts Center. Strid curated this exhibition in order to explore ideas about food and the act of consuming it. According to her, "Food is an elemental part of our culture, history, and our lives" and in addition to providing us with basic sustenance, it also has the capacity to "make a political statement, shape our identity, or be a reflection of our beliefs."

Strid deliberately chose to compile prints and works on paper for this collection in order to offer a commentary on the industrialization and commercialization of food, drawing a likeness between the mass production of images and the mass production of food. With artworks embodying a wide variety of moods, this exhibition boasts a flavor profile every bit as diverse as the foods they depict.


Featured artists: Laura Bigger, Melissa Haviland, Kate Horvat, Emmy Lingscheit, Ashton Ludden, Saegan Moran, Yoonmi Nam, Tonja Torgerson, Breanne Trammell, Two Tone Press, and Ella Webe.