“Movement Material” Comes to the Cider Gallery on December 5th

The Lawrence Arts Center is presenting an evening of works by Jeremy Moss (film maker) and Pamela Vail (dancer). The event will take place at the Cider Gallery on Monday, December 5th at 7 pm and is FREE and open to the public. More details are given in the post below.

" Movement Material is a 60 minute program of video, 16mm projection, and live performance that highlight transfigurative gestures via the collision of camera and dance. This program explores the roles and functions of both the cinematographer (Jeremy Moss) and the dancer (Pamela Vail) while engaging questions of space, movement, and the ways in which the frame and the cut create alternate walls and rhythms."



'This Must Be The Place' Troy Moth & Adam Smith

Thank you to everyone who came by this past weekend for Final Fridays! We were extremely happy with the turnout and so excited to continue to have this show up until the end of November.

'This Must Be The Place' includes photography by Troy Moth and Adam Smith. The two artists are good friends that travel the world together while photographing the grandeur of nature along the way.

All of the photographs in the gallery can be purchased in three sizes: 16"x24", 24"x36" and "40x"60".

Cider Gallery. Tuesday-Friday. 1-5pm. 810 Pennsylvania.

The work above is 'Buffalo 01' by Troy Moth.

Artist Spotlight: Susan Grace


Figure in White, 2007

Oil on Canvas

72” X 24”

Although the subject matter of Susan Grace’s paintings alternates between depictions of the human form and disintegration of rigid architectural structures, the theme of repeated fragmentation and influence of literature remains consistent throughout her work.

In her painting, Figure in White, the subject is easily identifiable as human, at first glance; however, the longer the viewer stares at the work the more they realize each limb is actually another object, form, or abstraction of the human body. The work, which undeniably portrays the female form, uses pictographs, script, and distorted objects to give the viewer a clue into the identity of the figure.

Make sure to stop by our gallery hours, Tuesday to Friday from 1-5 PM, during the month of October to see Fragments// Paintings by Susan Grace and Photography by Kyle Batson!

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Batson

Ölüdeniz, Turkey by Kyle Batson

Kyle Batson, one of our featured artists this month, has created a captivating body of humanist photography that invites audiences to explore the intrigue, emotion, and life within each of his compositions.

The follow excerpt from Batson’s artist statement speaks to the unity throughout his work regardless of the varying times and places he captured his photos: “Each of theses moments is unique to a specific time and place. But there is a universality in specificity”.

It is in this statement and in Batson's work we see that whether a photograph was taken during the day or at night, in Brazil or Wichita, every one of Batson’s photographs contributes to the dialogue of the human experience.

Make sure to stop by our gallery hours, Tuesday to Friday from 1-5 PM, during the month of October to see Fragments// Paintings by Susan Grace and Photography by Kyle Batson!

Fragments// Susan Grace & Kyle Batson

One of our favorite aspects of this month's show is the unique way Susan Grace's paintings and Kyle Batson's photography compliment one another. Both artists have successfully captured fragments of everyday life, from images of ordinary places to capturing moments of human interaction. There are many connections that can be made while viewing the entire show. Although they differ in subject matter the connection of color and line allow these two works to be uniquely cohesive. Kyle Batson's photo on the left is titled Santa Carne (Holly Flesh) and Susan Grace's painting on the right is titled Watermark #1.

Stop by the Cider Gallery Tuesday-Friday, 1-5pm. This show will be up all October long.



Opening Reception Tonight: Final Fridays September 2016

Final Fridays is here and so is the day of our opening reception for FRAGMENTS // Paintings by Susan Grace and Photography by Kyle Batson

Stop by tonight from 5-9pm for a first look at the show and for a chance to meet the artists! 

We'll see you soon!

Goodbyes and Hellos

The end of September is full of goodbyes and hellos as we say goodbye to the summer heat and Jen Unekis’ Playing with Pauses this week. Stop by today during our gallery hours to see this incredible body work one last time.

Join us next week, during Final Fridays, to say hello to our next show Fragments: Works by Susan Grace and Kyle Batson. As the month comes to a close we are also eager (and a little bit impatient) to welcome the crisp fall air and East Lawrence's new neighborhood cafe Bon Bon.

A Closer Look

Another meaningful aspect of Jen Unekis' work is her careful consideration within the titles of her paintings. While viewing the works in our gallery taking one step closer and reading the titles entirely changes the viewing experience. 

The piece in focus consists of three separate, yet cohesive, paintings and are a perfect example of how her titles elevate her work. Read counterclockwise, beginning with the top piece, the works are titled, We, Are, Glad.

Cider Gallery. Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm. 810 Pennsylvania.  

Playing with Pauses

It's all about the details in this months show! 

Playing with Pauses, new work by Jen Unekis, went up last Friday and will stay up through the month of September. Come visit us and check out her immense body of work. Our gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm.