Fine arts

Troy Moth

Not sure exactly what draws me to nature, but the draw is strong. I’m my happiest and calmest when in it. And my worst when away from it. I’m my most creative when simply out for a walk in the forest.
— Troy Moth

Icelandic Horse 01, (above) is currently in the Cider Gallery show 'This Must Be The Place'

Gallery Hours: Tuesday- Friday, 1-5pm

810 Pennsylvania Street



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A Closer Look

Another meaningful aspect of Jen Unekis' work is her careful consideration within the titles of her paintings. While viewing the works in our gallery taking one step closer and reading the titles entirely changes the viewing experience. 

The piece in focus consists of three separate, yet cohesive, paintings and are a perfect example of how her titles elevate her work. Read counterclockwise, beginning with the top piece, the works are titled, We, Are, Glad.

Cider Gallery. Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm. 810 Pennsylvania.  

Playing with Pauses

It's all about the details in this months show! 

Playing with Pauses, new work by Jen Unekis, went up last Friday and will stay up through the month of September. Come visit us and check out her immense body of work. Our gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm.

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Atavistique    Oil on panel   Aaron Brown


Oil on panel 

Aaron Brown

Got any bright ideas?  How about down time?  Pay the Cider Gallery a visit and check out artist Aaron M. Brown’s exhibit, “Redirect.”

"Brown has a keen eye for the way painting can remake the world, even when the artist's style is predominantly realist.  He also knows how to join the ordinary to the exotic, in ways that make one linger with a picture.  In the end, even the most ordinary things begin to look strange and novel in these paintings." - Robert Pincus, San Diego Union-Tribune

Gallery hours are from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.